AeroAngel is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) air charity that provides free air transportation to improve the lives of those who have no other option for air transportation.  Thanks to our generous supporters, AeroAngel is able to lease aircraft, flown by a crew of volunteer professional pilots, to make flights for:

  • Adults and children unable to afford air transportation for medical care and for whom commercial air travel is precluded by their health or otherwise unavailable in their area;
  • Children with a serious health condition unable to afford transportation to a special camp, or to fulfill a “make-a-wish” request;
  • Volunteers of nonprofit groups or ministries traveling to areas not served by commercial air service to provide medical care or outreach;
  • Families of injured soldiers or veterans unable to afford travel for visits while they are undergoing medical treatment.

AeroAngel is an organization independent from groups providing so-called “angel flights.”  AeroAngel flight operations are instead modeled upon many of the standards and best practices employed by charter and corporate flight departments.

AeroAngel is a member of the Air Care Alliance.