Request a Flight

For individuals seeking an AeroAngel flight, please email  

For those seeking flights on behalf of a ministry or other charitable organization, please email

Passenger physical requirements — To fly as a passenger on an AeroAngel aircraft, one must be able to step up into the aircraft (usually 2-3 steps), and sit in a seat the size of an airline seat. The seats only recline a small amount. Portable oxygen equipment can be accommodated. Most aircraft do not have an onboard power supply. We cannot accommodate passengers who require a stretcher. Wheelchairs can be used to transport a passenger to the airplane, but may not be able to be taken on board. Ground transportation can be brought up next to the plane to ease access to the aircraft.

Other air transportation options

Miracle Flights for Kids   If you are seeking a flight for a child traveling to obtain medical care, please consider Miracle Flights for Kids.  This special organization provides free airline tickets to help children with health problems.  1-800-FLY-1711

Mountain Aviation   In some instances insurance will pay for a medical flight.  Mountain Aviation, an AeroAngel partner, provides private business jet charter services in the Rocky Mountain region.  It is also a great resource for locating a one-way empty-leg business jet flights at a significantly reduced cost.  Mountain Aviation has been in business for 20 years and enjoys the industry’s coveted ARGUS Platinum safety rating.  1-877-466-3506 (Ask for Julian or Malachi