Spam Email Lands Flight for Joey

     About to head out the door for the airport, I felt led to check the AeroAngel spam email folder.  The last of several dozen junk emails was one two days old from a father seeking a flight for his son, Joey, who recently suffered a life-threatening illness while on a train headed to Montana.  Joey, who had been airlifted to Denver Children’s Hospital, needed another flight to St. Paul, Minnesota, for more treatment.  I emailed a quick reply thinking I’d probably not get a response.  But, before I could get out the door,  Joey’s dad called.  He explained the immediate need.  A few minutes later, I was at the airport and able to ask one of our aircraft owners if he would help with the flight.  He said yes, and a departure the next morning was planned.

     As we banked for the approach into Downtown St. Paul (KSTP), a big smile could be seen on our special passenger’s face — the first smile since his medical emergency.  As Joey looked into the cockpit on his way out the door, he was definitely hinting that next time he wants a seat up front!

(A special thanks to Miracle Flights for Kids and St. Paul Flight Center for their red carpet service.)

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