Courtney’s Flight of Hope

Often times getting to a medical facility for treatment is half the battle.  For young Courtney, treatment for her life-threatening condition meant getting from Denver to John Hopkins in Baltimore.  Through a team effort and generous supporters, Courtney was able to fly on a business jet flown by AeroAngel pilots and make an otherwise impossible trip bearable in her deteriorated condition.   Her four-hour AeroAngel flight was made possible when her mother contacted Footprints in Sky, which searched for a flight option.  With time running out, AeroAngel was asked if it could do the flight. Many prayers were answered by the availability of a jet aircraft on hours’ notice and a crew of pilots that departed for Baltimore with Courtney and her mother early the next morning.  AeroAngel is grateful to have played a part in getting Courtney into the hands of the skilled medical professionals at John Hopkins.  If you’d like to help others like Courtney, please visit our Donations page.

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