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AeroAngel has been accepted by  We’re grateful for the support that Community First Foundation provides through this site.  December 6, 2016, is Colorado Gives Day.  Thanks for Giving Hope Wings!

Posted by Mark on November 19th, 2016.

United Pilot Event a Huge Success

A big thank you to a great group of Denver-based United pilots for hosting a fly-in/hangar fundraising event on Sunday for AeroAngel!  Hundreds of folks got an up-close view of over 20 classic aircraft as well as one of the aircraft used by AeroAngel on its flights.  Thanks to Signature Flight Support for use of its huge hangar at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, all of the dozens of volunteers, and Paul Gordon of Colorado Aviation Photography for the amazing pixs!

Posted by Mark on August 24th, 2016.

Help Fill Our Tanks

AeroAngel has launched a fuel-funding campaign.  For recent flights, we’ve had to do last-minute fundraising for fuel.  Help keep our tanks full.  Text “FUELAA” to 27722 to see a new video and make a donation!  Thanks for your support!

Video link:



Posted by Mark on November 14th, 2015.

Support us by shopping at AmazonSmile

When you shop at AmazonSmile and select AeroAngel as your charity of choice, you’ll be supporting our efforts.  AmazonSmile ( gets you access to the same Amazon products at the same prices as  The only difference is that part of the purchase price is sent to us — at no cost to you!


Posted by Mark on October 13th, 2014.

Spam Email Lands Flight for Joey

     About to head out the door for the airport, I felt led to check the AeroAngel spam email folder.  The last of several dozen junk emails was one two days old from a father seeking a flight for his son, Joey, who recently suffered a life-threatening illness while on a train headed to Montana.  Joey, who had been airlifted to Denver Children’s Hospital, needed another flight to St. Paul, Minnesota, for more treatment.  I emailed a quick reply thinking I’d probably not get a response.  But, before I could get out the door,  Joey’s dad called.  He explained the immediate need.  A few minutes later, I was at the airport and able to ask one of our aircraft owners if he would help with the flight.  He said yes, and a departure the next morning was planned.

     As we banked for the approach into Downtown St. Paul (KSTP), a big smile could be seen on our special passenger’s face — the first smile since his medical emergency.  As Joey looked into the cockpit on his way out the door, he was definitely hinting that next time he wants a seat up front!

(A special thanks to Miracle Flights for Kids and St. Paul Flight Center for their red carpet service.)

Posted by Mark on January 26th, 2013.

Courtney’s Flight of Hope

Often times getting to a medical facility for treatment is half the battle.  For young Courtney, treatment for her life-threatening condition meant getting from Denver to John Hopkins in Baltimore.  Through a team effort and generous supporters, Courtney was able to fly on a business jet flown by AeroAngel pilots and make an otherwise impossible trip bearable in her deteriorated condition.   Her four-hour AeroAngel flight was made possible when her mother contacted Footprints in Sky, which searched for a flight option.  With time running out, AeroAngel was asked if it could do the flight. Many prayers were answered by the availability of a jet aircraft on hours’ notice and a crew of pilots that departed for Baltimore with Courtney and her mother early the next morning.  AeroAngel is grateful to have played a part in getting Courtney into the hands of the skilled medical professionals at John Hopkins.  If you’d like to help others like Courtney, please visit our Donations page.

Posted by Mark on December 9th, 2011.

Baby Maggie Flies AeroAngel Home For Thanksgiving – Against All Odds

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Baby Maggie, who may only have a few months to live, got to home to her family on Tuesday.  She was born prematurely in Ogden, Utah, where her parents had traveled for work, but away from family and friends in Rockford, Illinois.  Thanks to Footprints in the Sky, which contacted AeroAngel about the flight, the prayers of Maggie’s family and friends were answered with a 5-hour flight back Rockford.  Due to her fragile condition and need for oxygen, a commercial flight was not an option.

Posted by Mark on November 25th, 2011.

Roundup River Ranch – Camp Video

Marty over at has filmed and edited this wonderful peek into campers’ lives attending Roundup River Ranch camp this month.

Take a moment and listen to these kids then visit our donate page and help us keep flying.

Thanks to all of our supporters and partners!

Posted by Mark on September 18th, 2011.

Roundup River Ranch Partners With AeroAngel

One of AeroAngel’s missions is to provide free flights to kids with life-threatening illnesses going to the new Roundup River Ranch located west of the Eagle, Colorado, airport.  Some children’s health prevent them from going except for flying in a pressurized aircraft.  Attached is a short video about the camp, including a few testimonials from the campers!

Posted by Mark on September 18th, 2011.

Roundup River Ranch Flights Begin…

Wednesday was quite a day for us. Together with the team from Roundup River Ranch, many smiling faces were loaded aboard the Beechcraft Baron and flown to Eagle, CO to attend camp. Here is some of the wonderful coverage by local Denver reporters. Thank you for your support Denver!!!


FOX 31 :

KWGN Ch. 2 :

Denver Post :



Posted by Mark on July 8th, 2011.