What is the mission of AeroAngel?

AeroAngel is a Denver-based air charity that provides free air transportation (pursuant to FAR Part 91) to improve the lives of those in the Colorado region.  Thanks to its generous supporters, AeroAngel is able to lease aircraft, flown by a crew of volunteer professional pilots, to make flights for:

  • Adults and children unable to afford air transportation for medical care and for whom commercial air travel is precluded by their health or otherwise unavailable in their area;
  • Children with a serious health condition unable to afford transportation to a special camp, or to fulfill a “make-a-wish” request;
  • Volunteers of nonprofit groups or ministries traveling to areas not served by commercial air service to provide medical care or outreach;
  • Families of injured soldiers or veterans unable to afford travel for visits while they are undergoing medical treatment.

Why was a new group formed when other air charities already exist?

AeroAngel is a unique Denver-based organization that was formed to raise financial support to fly missions already arranged by other groups and thus to support them.  AeroAgel’s principal purpose is to fly missions not arrange them.  Its goal is to fly missions that are not currently being flown due to the unavailability of pilots and/or an aircraft capable of safely flying in weather conditions.  In the Colorado area, many  small, single-engine aircraft are simply not suitable, particularly for flights over the Rocky Mountains or inclement weather.

From which organizations does AeroAngel accept flights?

Miracle Flights for Kids, Grace Flight, and Veterans Airlift Command.  Flights from other groups will also be considered.

What percentage of donations are spent on overhead and administrative costs?

Zero.  Thanks to a dedicated donor, all of our administrative expenses have been covered.  To date, we have met our goal of dedicating 100 percent of all donations to flight-related expenses.  AeroAngel had no paid staff or office overhead but instead relies upon the generous donation of time and talents from our volunteers.

For Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014, our total administrative expenses were less than 3% of our operating budget.

2014 Tax Return public 8.15.15

FY 2013 Tax Return  (click to review last year’s Form 990EZ tax return)

Does AeroAngel make a cost-benefit analysis in deciding which flights to accept?

Yes.  The decision to undertake a flight is entirely discretionary.  In order to be a good steward of the limited resources entrusted to AeroAngel, priority will be given to those flights which are not feasible by commercially available air transportation or in an ordinary small, single-engine aircraft.

Does AeroAngel receive any money from government sources?

No.  And, we do not plan on seeking such funding.

To what states will AeroAngel make flights?

Dependent upon available financial resources, AeroAngel will operate in Colorado and surrounding states, although exceptions may be made in individual cases.

Does AeroAngel accept stretcher and non-ambulatory patients?

At this time, AeroAngel is unable to provide such a service.

What is the organizational structure and governance of AeroAngel?

AeroAngel was founded in early 2010 as a Colorado nonprofit corporation.  It is overseen by a Board of Directors.  It is managed by its uncompensated president and founder.

Are contributions to AeroAngel tax deductible?

            Yes.   The IRS has issued AeroAngel a determination letter that it is exempt under section 501(c)(3) and that contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you have a question not answered above, please email mark@aeroangel.org and we will provide you an answer.