Welcome to AeroAngel!  Our primary mission is to provide free air transportation for medical care using high-performance aircraft and a crew of volunteer professional pilots.  We provide flights to those, who because of their health, cannot fly by commercial airline or use ground transportation to travel for medical care.

(We do not provide financial support for the purchase of airline tickets or transport passengers in need of a stretcher.)

We are the only air charity in the country that provides flights on short notice, over 1,000 miles in distance, using pressurized aircraft that can seat 4 or more persons.

We are based in Denver, Colorado, but make every effort to provide flights throughout the country when feasible.

We also provide free flights to support the work of other charitable groups, make-a-wish flights, and for other compelling reasons.

Founded in 2010, AeroAngel is an all-volunteer nonprofit (no paid staff and limited overhead), and, as a result, 100% of donations are used for flight-related expenses, including aircraft leases, fuel, and landing fees.

The following are examples of the types of flights to be flown by AeroAngel:

  • People unable to afford air transportation for medical care for which commercial air travel is precluded by their health or unavailable in their location;
  • Children with health conditions unable to afford transportation to a special camp;
  • Volunteers of charitable groups traveling to remote areas to provide medical or to meet other compelling needs;
  • Wounded soldiers and their families unable to pay for travel for medical care or other worthy purposes.